Masters in Counseling Psychology Curriculum






Paper Code no. Cr. Hr Subject title
I 501 3 Foundations of Counseling
II 502 3 Life-Span Development
III 503 3 Mental health psychopathology
IV 504 3 Multicultural Psychology and counseling
V 505 3 Critical thinking an Intellectually Disciplined Process



Paper Code no Cr. Hr Subject title
VI 506 3 Counseling Communication Skills (Practicum)
VII 507 3 Assessment in Counseling: Theory and Practice
VIII 508 3 Behavior Modification (Theory Practice)
IX 509 3 Non-directive counseling(Theory Practice)
X 510 3 Cognitive Behavioral Approach(Theory Practice)
XI 511 3 Research Methods 1



Paper Code no Cr. Hr Subject title
XII 512 3 Family counseling (Theory practice)
XIII 513 3 Counseling with Children and Adolescent (Theory Practice)
XIV 514 3 Solution focused Counseling |(Theory Practice)
XV 515 3 Career Counseling (Theory Practice)
XVI 516 3 Research Method II


FOURTH SEMESTER – Training & Internship

Paper Code no Cr. Hr Subject title
XVII 517 3 Expressive Therapies(Practicum)
XVIII 518 3 Community Based Psychosocial Intervention (Practicum)




Introduction to Crisis Management Study

Optional- trauma/Crisis Counseling (Theory & practice)





Disaster Management Theory & practice

Optional- Mental Health Counseling (Theory&Practice)

XXI 521 5 Thesis

Practice and exercise
Counseling Practice and classroom exercise/role play will be designed according to subject and skill requirement. Student need to participate in skill learning training and workshop and practice both inside classroom as well as in the field as assigned by the concerned teacher.

Project Work Thesis
The project Work/thesis has to be carried out in consultation with the academic coordinator’s approval and supervision. The submitted topic will be discussed between co-coordinator  and  concerned class teacher.

  • A thesis would have to be submitted at the end of the work. The thesis should be based on fieldwork/case studies, etc.
  • The thesis should be about 100 to 150 typed pages (double space). A counseling intervention is to be included.
  • In lieu of the project work, the student can attach himself/herself to an organization where counseling work is carried out an complete an internship programme of a minimum of 2 months. A certificate of having  complete the internship has to be submitted along with the thesis. The internship could be used to collect the data along with counseling intervention.