ICMS Hosts Australian Ambassador for Perspectives on Crisis Issues

The Institute of Crisis Management Studies (ICMS) hosted His Excellency Mr. Glenn White, Australian Ambassador to Nepal, in an evening dedicated to crisis management procedures. At the discussion held at the ICMS campus in Dhumbarahi on 17 April 2014, Mr. White presented his remarks on issues related to crisis to an audience comprised of 70 individuals from a range of different sectors.

The ambassador addressed a number of issues related to disaster procedures from both national and international perspectives. With respect to protecting foreign nationals abroad, he emphasized the importance of bilateral cooperation between nations. Mr. White specifically mentioned systems in place in Australia to respond to unexpected disaster scenarios - such as tsunamis and earthquakes - and the important role they play in responding to international disaster recovery efforts.

The ambassador also placed emphasis on crisis situation resulting from human activity, drawing on his experience in other public sector roles. Prior to his appointment as Australian Ambassador to Nepal, Mr. White was the Director of the Counter Terrorism Co-operation Sector of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade implementing Australian initiatives to counter terrorist threats and averting any potential crises as a result.

After the presentation, the ambassador fielded questions from members of the audience, which included politicians, scholars, INGO and NGO representatives, as well as the ICMS student body. This joint initiative by ICMS and the Australian government stems from from other policy dialogues and symposiums into current issues and research relating to crisis.