The ICMS Hosts an Information Session for the FNCCI

On Thursday, 8th June, 2015; Institute of Crisis Management (ICMS) held an information session for the members of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI). The President of FNCCI Mr. Pashupati Muraka and the Vice Presidents Mr. Kishore Kumar Pradhan and Mr. Dinesh Shrestha were also present for this information session.

The short information session started at 3:00 pm with Lt. General (Retired) Balananda Sharma, the Principle of ICMS welcoming the members of FNCCI and providing the background information about how the institution came into existence. "We were sitting on top of a furnace but we were not feeling the heat", he said to explaining the disaster vulnerability of the country and the lack of actions that were being taken that caused the founders of the institution to come together and create an organization that had would have the ability to create manpower capable enough to deal with the eventual crises.

The information session then continued on with Swosthani Gurung and Rojina Karki, third semester students of ICMS, giving a presentation on how the syllabus is structured and how the teaching is imparted in the curriculum. Their presentation started out with a short video that gave a brief introduction on crisis.


Swosthani Gurung, third semester student of ICMS giving a presentation to FNCCI members.

After the presentation, Max Morch, a first semester student, shared his experience in ICMS and went on to talk about how the knowledge and experience he gained at ICMS helped him while carrying out the relief effort after the recent earthquakes of 25th April and 12th May.

Max Morch, first semester student of ICMS, shared his experience

This was followed by an open discussion where the questions and queries of the FNCCI members were addressed by the board members of ICMS, Dr. Ram Thapaliya, Lt. Gen. Balananda Sharma and Kush Kumar Joshi, who is also the past President and Honourable Member of FNCCI. The program ended on a positive note with talks about  probable collaboration for future events and programs occurring between these two organizations.