ICMS Students Take a Class on Fire Science and Fire Safety

On May 28th 2015, students of ICMS took a class on Fire Science and Fire Safety. Mr. Kishore Bhattarai from the Fire Department of Kathmandu Metropolitan City delivered the lecture.


Mr. Kishore Bhattarai talks to ICMS students about fire hazard and safety measures.

The students of both first and third semester were able to gain the basic working knowledge on the basic requirements of fire safety installations and maintenance and the principal consideration, planning parameters and desired outcome of evacuation, planning and emergency response.

Students of ICMS learn how to use a fire extinguisher properly to put out a fire.

Finally, they were taught the proper use of fire extinguisher as they practiced putting out an actual fire in the ICMS premise. Considering the recent massive fire in Taplejung, knowing the basics of fire safety is very important for the future crisis managers.