Overnight Field Trip to Birendra Peace Operation Training Centre (BPOTC)

On 15th and 16th June, students of first and third semester of ICMS visited the BPOTC in Panchkhal, Kavre. The main aim of this field trip was for the students to learn about the experiences of the Army in Humanitarian Assistance abroad and disaster response in Nepal.

The students arrived at the BPOTC centre at 10:00 am on 15th June where they were welcomed by Commander Chok Bahadur Dhakal.  This was followed by case presentations on Nepal Army's participation in the PKO under chapter VI (Pacific Settlement of Peace), Nepal Army's participation in the PKO under chapter VII (Peace Enforcement) and co-ordination with other UN agencies during Peace Keeping Missions.  All the presentations ended with question and answer sessions with the students.

ICMS Students at the BPOTC Camp.


After the presentation, the demonstration portion of the program was started where the students of ICMS got a chance to see the demonstration of  Aikido technique of unarmed combat which is used by UN Peace Keepers to resolve conflicts without hurting anyone.  This was followed by the demonstration of the scenarios in the areas of mission environment. The demonstration was then followed by a documentary which showed the aftermath of Nepal Army's involvement in peace keeping.

Aikido demonstration at BPOTC by the Army Personnels.


The Chief District Office of Kavre, Sudarshan Bhattarai was gracious enough to share his experience regarding post disaster response and planning with the students. He also talked about the lessons learnt from the recent earthquake. This was a great experience as the students were able to ask questions and get answers from someone directly involved at the administrative level.

After finishing the itinerary the students camped overnight in tents at the camp area, which was a great and memorable experience for the students. The next morning, the ICMS team formally took a leave from the BPOTC centre with a thank you not from third semester student Sachin Bhatt and exchange of token of love between both institutions.

ICMS students camping overnight in tents at BPOTC.