Cyber Security Seminar

On 18 September 2015 ICMS held a Cyber Security Seminar in conjunction with Clean Perspectives and Rooster Logic.

Program Background:

Nepal has become a laggard in economic development not because her people keep away from hard work and efforts but owing to a variety of factors including its difficult terrain, land-locked status, low level of technological development, and a small domestic market.  In spite of these hardships Nepal, as most developing countries, is progressing quite well in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  Political leaders are stressing on establishment of E-governance for transparency and good governance, business leaders are making efforts to make their buisnesses competitive and efficient.  IT is making inroads in Nepal's governance; be it government, private sector or social associated with this technology.  Concerned with possible problems that may upset Nepal's stability, Nepal's regulatory bodies such as Nepal Rastra Bank, Department of IT, and Central Investigation Bureau are trying hard to work with secure IT systems that alone can check any untoward incident.  Possible breach of confidential information and data by hackers and other rogues is common place.  IT security thus assumes utmost importance not only for preventing possible theft of sensitive information but also ensuring that important information is neither misused nor tampered with. 


Brief profiles of organizers:

Clean Perspectives (CP), is a think tank established with the objective of promoting Nepal's bilateral relations with its neighbors, particularly India and China.  CP is also involved in furthering understanding of Asian culture and values between regions and internationally besides opening up of people's outlook through participation in education and training programs.  It is keenly involved in providing the much needed support to institutions and firms in their capacity enhancement efforts for sustainability in various fields assisted by specialized agencies, including its technical partner, Rooster Logic Pvt. Ltd.

Rooster Logic Pvt. Ltd.(RL), is an ICT company which signifies a new beginning for the way software products and services has been running till date.  RL brings in a new perspective which focuses on the operational enhancement in the daily basis bundled with the utilization of the information that are generated on the real time from the activities that are conducted in the organization. The intial product that has been designed speciallizes in Researchd and Monitoring activities (REMO), form design, data cleaning, custom reporting, cyber security along with the other services which enhances the workflow and the outpout of an organization.