Visit from Vidhisha Samarasekara, Senior Climate Change Specialist

On October 9th, 2015 ICMS welcomed a special guest, Ms. Vidhisha Samarasekara, Senior Climate Change Specialist from the Asian Development Bank. We discussed over lunch the many opportunities that the ADB and the ICMS can develop on as partners.  We are looking forward to working with Ms. Vidhisha in the future for seminars or guest lectures; specifically the students at ICMS would greatly benefit from hearing her experience as Senior Climate Change Specialist for one of ICMS' courses focuses on Global Climate Change and Sustainability.  There is also potential for our current fourth semester students, who are working on their Thesis, to contribute to, and benefit from, conducting research based on ADB's core research areas such as Hydropower, Water Energy, Climate Change, etc. We can say that ICMS is highly looking forward to collaborating with ADB and Ms. Vishisha again in the future.