"Strategic Emergency Logistic Workshop" as part of Emergency Preparedness Response

On October 9th and October 10th, Ministries of Home Affairs, World Food Program (WFP) and Institute of Crisis Management (ICMS, TU) is hosting two days’ workshop on “Strategic Emergency Logistic Workshop” as part of Emergency Preparedness and Response. The workshop will be attended by various governmental parties, INGOS/NGOS, security forces, ministries and members of parliament etc.  


The objective of the workshop is to stimulate discussions on the national level of emergency preparedness and response, and to pool the efforts of concerned DRR stakeholders. Through inter-agency collaboration and dialogue, we hope to jointly identify gaps and challenges concerning emergencies and emergency responses in Nepal. Various experts and participants representing Nepal Security Forces, Government of Nepal officials, Parliamentary members, Nepal Food Corporation and others are expected to be present at the workshop.