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Shivajee Yadav, Ph.D.

Dr. Shivajee Yadav completed his PhD in Technical Sciences from the MADI State Technical University in Moscow in 2006. His Ph.D. dissertation explored the hilly terrace land drainage design. After this, he went on to undertake his postdoctoral research in technical sciences, where he carried out research regarding the calculation of erosion after drainage had taken place in the same region.

Dr. Yadav has taught at the State Technical University to graduate students and served as a consultant for engineering companies in Nepal. He was the chairman of the Nepal-Russia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is also currently a Central Committee member of the Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal (formerly known as the Madehsi People’s Rights Forum Nepal) and served there as the coordinator of the Disciplinary Committee. He is an honourable member of the Constituent Assembly in the Parliament of Nepal, where he served in the capacity of Chief Whip for the Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal from 2014 to 2018. In parliament, he played a vital role in disaster management after the 2015 Nepal earthquake on behalf of parliament and the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. In the disaster management forum consisting of all the parliament members, he played a very important role as an executive committee member.

In addition, Dr. Yadav currently serves as the president of the Football Fan Club of Nepal.

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