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Dr.Sumitra Amatya

 A dynamic figure in the Engineering / Environment / and Planning field, Dr. Sumitra has the inspiring record of becoming the first woman Ph.D. holder in the field of architecture, which she did from Moscow Institute of Architecture, Russia in 2001. She commands the outstanding experience and performance while she was an ED of Solid Waste Management Technical support Center/ Government of Nepal. People close to her in working, influenced by her performance, used to regard her as "Garbage Management Queen." She played key role managing disaster waste during Earth quake 2015 in Nepal and prepared the Disaster Waste management Policy / Strategy for Nepal Government.

While at National Planning Commission, as member,Sumitra Amatya was assigned with the responsibility of infrastructure sector in which, moved by the development vision, she expanded the volume of works and amount of budget by more than one third to what it was in the previous fiscal. Driven by the genuine concern of Environment, she strongly lobbied and included the Green economy into the regular program. She played an instrumental role in preparing the concept paper of the 14th 3-year National Plan of the country. A strong believer in the change, Dr. Sumitra seems fully prepared to devote her time for the positive change in Environment sector.

She has published many research papers and Articles. She has been able to introduce Green Economy, creating manygreen  Jobs in waste management. She believes in need of movingfrom linear to circular economy for achieving Sustainable Development Agendas. Her major interest area is preserving ecosystem in Nepal as well as global. She is currentlycontributing for Lead(Leadership for Environment And Development) Nepal as president and faculty member of Crisis Management Study Institute / Tribhuban University, Nepal. She is vice president of (Amatya&Associates) Nepal. 

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