The Institute of Crisis Management Studies is a well known centre for academia focusing on the management of crisis resulting from both human activity and natural causes. It offers a unique, multidisciplinary Master degree in Crisis Management Studies, providing the very best national and international scholars, practitioners and experts currently engaged in the diverse areas pertaining to crisis.

The ICMS also offers a new MCP in Counselling Psychology, which focuses on emotional, social, vocational, educational, developmental, and organizational concerns in a crisis setting.

The ICMS also offers trainings, simulation exercises and field visits, not only as part of the curriculum but as practical exercises for a range of different governmental and non-governmental organizations and initiatives.

The specialized nature of the ICMS extends to its purpose built grounds, computer facilities, and online learning experiences to inspire students to advance themselves and the subject. Our dedication to producing crisis managers means a commitment to undertaking and facilitating the very newest research in the subject, as well as providing a forum for policy dialogues and symposiums into current issues relating to crisis. To these ends, the scholarly and practical activities currently being undertaken stand both in the service of the nation and the international community.


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