ICMS students register an NGO

Our current students have taken it upon themselves to register an NGO with the purpose of applying themselves practically to the subject. They aim to cater to various aspects of crisis management and gain real world knowledge along with their studies, so that, by the end of the course, they will have groomed themselves to become crisis managers who can act suitably in times of crisis in the country.
We are also happy to know that they have adopted an inclusive policy and practice whereby they have accommodated a board of directors from diversified fields. 
We congratulate Siddhartha Nar Singh Sharma (Chairman),  Subash Thapaliya and Manorama Mandal (Vice-Chairmen), Sundar Mani Acharya (General Secretary), Wisdom Pandey (Vice-General Secretary), Sahara Joshi (Treasurer), Sweta Adhikary and Pasang Lama (Members) in their positions on the Board of Directors.