ICMS Students Attend a Guest Lecture on Dead Body Management

On 7th August 2015, students of second and fourth semester of Institute of Crisis Management (ICMS) attended a guest lecture on Dead Body Management presented by Ramesh Vikram Shahi from Armed Police Force (AFP).  As the major consequences of big disasters is a large number of fatalities, students of Crisis Management should have the knowledge of how to manage dead bodies during disasters.

Ramesh Bikram Shahi of AFP giving a presentation on Dead Body Management to ICMS students.

The students learned about the various phases of dead body management, the stages of the dead body decomposition and methods of storage and disposal of dead bodies. The presentation ended with a discussion on the management of dead bodies in the recent earthquake, with the students sharing their experiences with dead bodies after the quake.

Overall, it was a very informative class that helped the students prepare for what to expect and how to deal with dead bodies in times of further disasters.