Academic Support Team

Prakash Bikram Rawal

Research Coordinator

Youjan Katwal

BCA Coordinator

Rita koirala

Finance Head

Raj kumar Thapaliya

Exam Head

Hemant Chaudhary


Pramesh Thapa

Tenzin Migmar

Graduate Assistant

Aakriti Shrestha

Graduate Assistant

Alina Englisch

International Graduate Assistant

Alina Englisch is currently working as an International Graduate Assistant. She is studying in the Master’s program of Crisis Management at ICMS. Before coming to Nepal she obtained a BA in International Social Work and Development at the University of applied sciences in Coburg, Germany. The course included two semesters abroad of which she spent one doing an internship at the NGO Bal Kshetra Nepal and one at the ELTE university in Budapest, Hungary. Additionally she also did an internship in the work field of refugee assistance. After writing the Bachelor Thesis about competition and media representation for humanitarian organizations in disaster relief she wanted to focus on humanitarian activity and disaster management in her Master’s program.