Birendra Raj Pandey

Member of Board of Directors

Mr. Birendra Raj Pandey is the current Director at Nepal Adarsha Nirman Co. (NANC). Mr. Pandey holds two Master’s degrees. He received his latest Master of Engineering in Construction Engineering and Project Management from the prestigious Asian Institution of Technology in Pathumthani, Thailand in 1999, and in 1997 he earned his Master of Business Administration from Tribhuvan University here in Kathmandu, Nepal. He also has previously held Commercial and Engineering Management positions abroad in Australia.

His work ethic earned him scholarships for both his studies in Thailand and India. That same work ethic is continuously reflected throughout the plethora of papers and presentations he has conducted in co-ordinance with high caliber profiles such as the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Nepal. In addition, Mr. Pandey has received professional training from organizations all over the world such as: Shimizu Corporation, Japan, NAAS and IOE, Nepal, IIT, Delhi and NUST, Norway, among others. Finally, he is a member of the Nepal Engineering Council; a life member of the Nepal Engineers Association; the Technical Expert Advisor for the Federation of Conractor’s Associations of Nepal (FCAN), and is a past President for the internationally recognized Rotary Club, for the district of Mt. Everest, Lalitpur, Nepal.

Khim Lal Devkota

Member of Board of Directors

Mr. Khimlal Devkota was educated at Tribhuvan University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and two Master’s degrees in Political Science and Sociology/Anthropology, respectively. He was a practicing lawyer at the Supreme Court of Nepal from 1990 to 2005. In 2006, he became a member of the Interim Constitution Drafting Committee and then the Interim Legislature-Parliament of Nepal. In these roles, he was closely involved in law-making and the tough negotiating process to create a consensus in the political transition. He focused on finding solutions to such issues as army integration, monarchy dissolution, and Maoist inclusion in parliament. In 2008, he became a member of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal and, in 2009, a member of the Constitutional Committee of Nepal. Here, he acted as a drafting committee member and contributed as a member of the Taskforce for High-Level Political Mechanisms in important negotiations. Furthermore, Mr. Devkota was the Chairperson of the National Intellectuals Organization of Nepal until 2015 where he was heavily involved in facilitating intellectual discourse on constitutionalism, federalism, and good governance. Finally, Mr. Devkota has widespread experience in presenting guest lectures and participation in seminars across the world and his frequent contributions to Gorkhapatra National Daily are widely read. He has also been actively involved in the human rights movement of Nepal for more than two decades and has been published widely in the areas of constitutional, administrative, and human rights law. Mr. Devkota is currently a senior advocate of the Supreme Court of Nepal. Legal and constitutional adviser at Swabhiman Law Firm and Consultancy and simultaneously advising to various federal and provincial parliamentary committees, Governmental and Intergovernmental institutions including UNDP, and other NGOs, INGOs, on the areas of federalism, constitutionalism, legislative drafting and scrutiny, good-governance and policy matters. Constitutional, Legal, and Policy analysis is my area of interest.
Khimlal Devkota
Senior Advocate/Member of Constituent Assembly,Nepal
Swabhiman Law Firm&Consultancy
Tel:01-5705495/01-5705879 [Office]01-4357034[Residence]

Dr Kishor Adhikari

Member of Board of Directors/Campus Chief

Dr Kishor, visiting Associate Professor of Behavioural Sciences at O.P. Jindal Global University, has a doctoral level training with significant academic and professional experience in counseling, coaching, and mentoring training, and education. His expertise is built overs years of experience both in industry and academia in Silicon Valley, California, Bengaluru, Indian, and in Nepal. He was the principal of Samarpam Academy ICMS; Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu and also taught at Christ University, Bangalore. He also has professional level expertise in employee assistant program (EAP). He is interested in developing competent HR manager and entrepreneurship by combing behavioral science and technology. He has received Nepal Bidya Bhusan Padak Class A & B for his academic achievements from Government of Nepal in 2018. He has also received Information Communication Technology Award 2018 for the technological innovation in psychometric assessment in Nepal. He is also a founder of People Development Lab Pvt. Ltd., and acting principal and a member of board of directors of Institute of Crisis management and Studies (ICMS). He teaches career development and International HRM, and HRD Strategies to MBA students as an adjunct faculty in multiple colleges. Furthermore, Dr Adhikari is deeply involved in entrepreneurial development of youths.

Dr Raju Thapa

Member of Board of Directors

Dr. Raju Thapa is a highly qualified and experienced practitioner lawyer, with a wide range of academic degrees and experiences in various fields such as disaster management, conflict management, political science, sociology, and human rights. He has extensive experience working in these areas with various governmental agencies, as well as international organizations such as UNDP, UNIOM, USAID, ADPC, Grand Challenge Canada, VSO, Save The Children, Practical Action, Care Nepal, DCA, and Mercy Corps funded projects. He has been serving in the key positions of Disaster Preparedness Network (DPNet) since 2017. He is an awardee of Australian Award in inclusive disaster management and finalist of 2019 Impact Story of Queensland University of Technology.

Dr Ram Thapaliya

Member of Board of Directors

Dr. Thapaliya is a faculty member of the Master's/PhD Program in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies and Crisis Management Study at Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He holds a degree in International Law from Tribhuvan University, a Master's degree in International Relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University (USA) and has been awarded a Ph.D. in Crisis Management from Atlantic International University (USA). His research interests include the role of the military in South Asia, identity based conflicts and crisis management of both natural and human-made disasters.

Dr. Thapaliya's experience as a mediator, facilitator and trainer has included work in the Balkans, South Asia and with the UNWFP, US government agencies, regional intergovernmental organizations, as well as international and local NGOs. He represented the Nepali Congress Party at the International Socialist Global Forum to reconfirm the party's commitment to the principle of democratic socialism. He is an advocate of Nepal's strategic foreign policy engagement and has served as an international secretary of the Party's Foreign Relations Department and is also a Goodwill Ambassador of the USA, as awarded by former President Bill Clinton.

Dr. Thapaliya covers a vast array of experience in conducting various types of assessments related to disaster risk management and risk reduction programming as well as planning at local and national levels. He is experienced in working with a variety of stakeholders, including local response agencies, organizations and others in building capacity in disaster preparedness and response. Additionally, he has experience in disaster risk management planning for local and national organizations, providing capacity-building workshops for actual response scenarios is another area where he is assisting. He has developed a disaster risk management educational curriculum and materials and has experience in utilizing the course curriculum and materials in working with local and national stakeholders to build disaster risk management knowledge and capacity.

During 2015, Dr. Ram Thapaliya served as the Honorary Disaster Management Advisor to the former Prime Minister Sushil Koirala at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

Sagar Dev Bhatta

Sambriddhi Kharel, Ph.D.

Member of Board of Directors

Sambriddhi Kharel received a PhD in sociology from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her
The dissertation examined "The Dialectics of Identity and Resistance among Dalits in Nepal.’ She
completed her Masters in Sociology and a Women’s Studies Certificate from the University of Louisville,
KY, USA. Her research interests lie in understanding social inequalities through intersectionality.
paradigm, i.e., the dynamic interaction of caste, class, race, ethnicity, gender, and region.

Her most recent research examined the enabling and constraining factors in translating the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
Agenda from a gender equality and empowerment perspective She has also undertaken research in
collaboration with SOAS, University of London, focused on working conditions and the agency of women
construction workers in Nepal.

As a researcher at Social Science Baha, Kathmandu, her research projects included gender and
Nepal’s transition from war South Asia State of the Minorities Report 2016, Nepal Country Chapter,
Mental Health and Psycho-social Support Project Evaluation Study in Nepal, Assessment of Women at
Risk Post-Earthquake 2015 and Study on Impacts of Migration on the Forestry Sector, Forest Management
and forestry institutions in Nepal. She has represented interdisciplinary analysts as a gender and
Social Inclusion (GESI) expert for the Local Governance Perception Surveys III, IV, and V.
also taught sociology and gender courses at Pokhara University, Tribhuvan University, and Nepa School.
of social sciences and humanities in Nepal. She mostly undertakes projects related to social inequalities.
as an independent gender and social inclusion consultant. She has published in peer-reviewed

Yogendra Ratna Bajracharya

Member of Board of Directors

Mr Bajracharya is a successful businessman. He completed his Bachelors in Business at Tribhuvan University. He founded the Nepa Marble Bath House that has been running successfully for over 30 years. His role as Board Member at ICMS is to promote the Institute.

Balananda Sharma

Member of Board of Directors